How to care of ours eyes: that’s how

The welfare of the eyes is one of the things we have to worry every day


Our eyes are in fact scrambled every single day. They spend hours bent over books used or placed on staring blankly at computer work. To make sure that your eyes and your sight are in health it is important to make regular checks of ophthalmologist.

It is very important to avoid defects such as myopia or astigmatism gets worse and lead to most severe situations and less easy to fix. To help the health of your eyes, however there are many products that can help you from the classic eye drop up to genuine anti fatigue wraps.


Now let’s see what are the natural remedies and compresses or masks to do for the health of our eyes

If you have the easily irritated or sensitive eyes you have seasonal allergies decongestant eye drops it is one of those products can not miss in your bag. There must be in some home drawer, purse or office.The eye drops contain decongestants vasoconstrictor substances, which are able to narrow the blood vessels that cause the eyes swollen and red.


Do you want to give light in to your gaze?

This is the whitener eye drops and is sold without prescription.Used by make-up artist to give light to the eyes of the models before a shooting.Viene also used by many women who want a bright look even after a sleepless night or after a day in front of the pc.Warning they are to be used in moderation but we assure you that they are a godsend to restore light to the eye.Make you look like just descended from a night’s sleep or a relaxing weekend.


To fight dark circles and bags under the eyes from the inside

Your eyes even if in perfect health may appear dull and tired because of the bags and dark circles.Why not try to fight the signs of fatigue from the inside? You must hire supplements that help reduce the appearance of bags under the eyes and dark circles with a combination of vitamin C and bioflavonoids fruit (grapes and blueberries) that help detoxify and eliminate water reactivating micro-circulation around the eyes.In 15 days the bags deflate and 30 days visibly decreases dark circles.

A relaxing mask

After a day in front of the computer screen my eyes are definitely tired and heavy. To revitalize the look and help reduce swelling, why not opt for a relaxing mask?An alternative to the 100% natural eye masks are cucumbers. Just cut a few slices and place them on the eyes.The cucumbers have decongestant properties, which will help you to deflate the bags under the eyes and rejuvenate the skin’s appearance.You think it’s one of grandma remedies without foundation?
Be warned that in the cosmetic industry the pulp is used for refreshing facial masks, the seeds for those invigorating and juice for soothing body wraps.

The herbal tea reduces swelling

Another natural remedy? Chamomile.In addition to being used for eye washes, eyelid and eye drops natural lotions can be used to compress the decongestant, which will alleviate the heavy feeling after a tiring day.Take a couple of chamomile teabags (preferably organic) and put them in infusion in boiling water.Let stand until the teabags will be tepid. Immerse two cotton pads nell’infuso and wrap in gauzes.
Put on closed eyes and leave for 5-10 minutes.
A fast and almost instant remedy
ideal for the morning, especially after a difficult night, are the teaspoons.Just keep a couple of teaspoons in your refrigerator, clean and well inside a container to avoid from coming into contact with food.In the morning, apply the concave part on the eyes and let it sit for a few seconds. Place the curved part on the bags and massage gently pressing.In this case it is exploited the heat shock therapy that will force the capillaries to shrink helping to deflate.

Remember, however, that it is essential to go regularly the eye doctor, for have the health of eyes under control.


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